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Sending a message to NASIG-L

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Members may ask CC to send a message to NASIG-L for them.  This usually occurs when they forward information to CC and ask that it be sent to all means of communication (Facebook, blog, Twitter, NASIG-L, etc.). 


Through your own NASIG-L subscription.


Step #1: Create an email message to nasig-l@nasig.org using your email program.

Step #2: Input an appropriate subject line and add the content, images and attachments.

Step #3: At the beginning of the message input wording such as “on the behalf of the CPC and President Jones” to indicate from whom the message is emanating.  Send the message.

Step #4:  You must be a member of the nasig-l list in order to send to the list. 

Step #5:  Be aware of your personal list admin setting for NASIG-L – it can be set to bypass list moderation (as some Board members and CC members are).  If set to bypass list moderation the message will automatically be sent to NASIG-L members.  If not, you will need to log into Simplelists and approve the message (or ask the CC).



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