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Welcome to the NASIG Communications & Marketing Committee Manual Wiki


The purpose of NASIG's Communications Committee (CC) is to encourage and enable the use of electronic communications throughout the organization -- both as a tool for conducting organizational business, and as a means of informing the membership about the activities of the organization; and to educate and inform the membership in regard to the use and potential of electronic communications media in general, and NASIG website, listservs, and social media forums  in particular; and to coordinate the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of NASIG electronic communication resources.


To achieve these goals, members of the committee maintain electronic lists for the entire organization and for individual committees, coordinate mounting and maintaining information on the NASIG web site and social media profiles, and consider options for implementing new electronic services. To do all of that, requires a bit of training and this is the place to get it. The CC Manual Wiki provides instructions for CC members and as well as the web liaisons of other NASIG committees for website maintenance, broadcast messaging and listserv maintenance. If you have suggestions, corrections or questions, please send the CC an email.


Where should I begin?


If you aren't sure where you might find the information you seek, review the following categories and click on the one that describes you best.


I am a member of NASIG (or thinking about becoming one) and want to know more about what I can do on the NASIG website.


I am a member of NASIG and I am on a NASIG committee. I think I might have some special web editing or communication rights and maybe even more, but I'm not sure how to use them.


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